Lisa Gregory, MS, PhD
Lisa Gregory is an environmental consultant with Assisted Management Solutions, Inc. and has been involved with theatre on both sides of the curtain for over 25 years.  She has acted, directed, produced, managed, or designed lights/sound/set for over 50 plays. Dr. Gregory is an alumna of St. Mary’s College of Maryland and performed in The Pirates of Penzance in this very theatre. After obtaining her degrees in Zoology at the University of Florida, she returned to Southern Maryland in 2002 where she volunteered with the TheatriText club at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM, Leonardtown campus).  In 2006, she was asked to direct The Newtowne Player’s (NTP) production of Side by Side by Sondheim, and has since won numerous NTP awards for best light design, set design, director, or play (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Godspell, The Dining Room, Picnic).  She was the Technical Director for NTP’s state submission of Trish Cole’s Butterfly in 2010, which received the prestigious Ed-Ro-Char Award for Technical Excellence.  Over the past eight years, she has focused on original works written by local artists and was the Founder, Artistic Director, and Producer of Southern Maryland Originals, a production of the Performance Arts Club at CSM.  Dr. Gregory is the Founder of Watermelon Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the performing arts and to providing a nurturing and educational environment for original works.  She thanks St. Mary's College of MD for hosting the festival once again and all her wonderful playwrights and volunteers - without you there would be no festival!


Mark A. Rhoda, PhD
Currently on the faculty in theater, film, and media studies at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Mark Rhoda began his theater studies at Middlebury College, VT, followed by training at the American Conservatory Theater in SF and graduate work in dramatic arts at the University of California, Berkeley, from which he earned his PhD in 1993. Dr. Rhoda teaches courses in dramatic literature and performance as well as in film and media studies (film history, world cinema, horror film, silent film). He is also a performer and stage director, his most recent directing stints including Spring Awakening, the musical, The Marriage of Figaro, Striptease / Catastrophe, and Slasher, a horrifying comedy. At St. Mary’s, Dr. Rhoda co-founded the annual Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Colloquium, a preeminent event on campus, and co-curates the annual TFMS film series, which brings top-notch filmmakers to campus to screen their work, visit with media production and film studies classes, and to meet informally with students and community members.

Christie Blewett
Christie Blewett has taught K-12 Theatre, college, community and professional theatre productions from DC to SF for the past 20 years.  With a BFA in Musical Theatre from Shenandoah University and an MFA in Theatre Education (Production Direction and Curriculum Development) from Fontbonne University, her works on stage and off have been recognized by nationally endowed theatre companies, regional competitions and at the Kennedy Center.  As a Theatre Arts representative for the Maryland State Department of Education, she continues to support young artists in their pursuits of the creative arts.  She is particularly excited to adjudicate the 2018 Watermelon One-Act Festival and thanks Lisa for her hard work in producing this wonderful event!​

Guest Adjudicator: Christine L. Bergmark, PhD, St. Mary's County Arts Council   

Christine Bergmark has 30 years of experience in research, education, and development, both nationally and internationally. She is a strong entrepreneurial professional, skilled in economic development and strategic planning. She is a facilitator, educator, and mediator. Dr. Bergmark possesses impressive leadership abilities, and has a rich background in community development, food systems, environmental programs, marketing and public policy. She has a passion for humanities and the arts, and is the Vice President of the St. Mary’s County Arts Council. She created the Southern Maryland Trails: Earth, Art, Imagination program showcasing Southern Maryland arts, farms, food, parks, and cultural heritage. She has developed numerous educational and outreach programs for diverse audiences, including university, community, elected officials, and currently a local TEDx program. She is a co-founder of the Chesapeake Public Charter School. Prior to her work as a consultant, Dr. Bergmark was the Executive Director of the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission, and the Science Advisor for the United States Agency for International Development. She resides in St. Mary’s County, where she runs Even’ Star Farm, a 104-acre organic produce farm, with her husband. She is currently works with the Community Mediation for St. Mary’s County, and is available for consulting.​

Sunday Guest: Amy Bernstein, The Dramatist Guild of America       

Amy Bernstein writes from Baltimore, MD. Past productions include Raw, produced by Venus Theater near Washington, D.C., as part of the Women’s Voices Festival; and Exit Pluto, produced by the Strand Theater in Baltimore. Her one acts and short plays have been read and produced around the U.S. and U.K. and anthologized by Routledge and Leicester Bay Theatricals. Amy was a recipient of the Ruby Artist Award grant from the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance in 2014.



Lois Stephenson
Lois Stephenson is a local actor, poet, playwright, musician, and director whose current interest is providing outlets for the arts in Southern Maryland. In addition to helping with this festival, she is hosting a traditional music and dance youth outreach day this September. She taught various writing and speech courses at CSM. She has been seen onstage and in the chorus of various shows including Picnic; Losing It!; Butterfly; Cabaret; Jesus Christ Super Star; The King and I; Sound of Music; Finian’s Rainbow; Applause, Applause; Music Man; Damn Yankees; Bye-Bye Birdie; The Man Who Came to Dinner; and El Grande de Coca Cola. Her plays, Loving It!, Losing It!, and Back to Katmandu premiered at earlier WOAFs. She appears briefly in an original short film, In Passing, by Caron Alexandra Williams that debuted at Columbia University Film Festival at Lincoln Center 2017. Her poems, “Cold Winter” and “My Father’s Pot Belly” were featured in Cal State’s Pacific Review. Ms Stephenson and her family have been Southern Maryland residents since 1992.

Robert K. Rausch
​Robert Rausch has performed and participated in various capacities for 55 theatrical endeavors since his retirement as a Music Educator in 2007. His two most recent roles were that of Joe Benjamin in the Newtowne Players production of God’s Favorite, and that of Captain Victor in the Capitol Fringe Production of Space Cadets: Thus Spake Cheeto produced by the Next Day Theater and Rabble Crew Productions.   He lives in Waldorf with his supportive and beautiful wife, Diane.  

Kearon & Kyle by Brigette ReDavid
Directed by Shelby Poston

Kearon, a bored Leprechaun, is pleasantly surprised by Kyle's wish.

David Wiley Jones as Kearon
Nathan Townsend Levy as Kyle
Choreographer: Jenna Silva

Katz v. United States by Samantha M. McDermitt
Directed by Eddie Page

In 1965, without any warrants, the FBI bugged three phone booths on Sunset Boulevard to snag a big East Coast bookie. Watch as the U.S. Supreme Court members decide the case from the sanctity of their conference room.

Mike Turner as Harvey A. Schneider, Katz Attorney
Jim Howard as Chief Justice Earl Warren
Robert Heinly as Associate Justice William O. Douglas
Gary Cramer as Associate Justice Abe Fortas
James McDaniel as Associate Justice Hugo Black
Larry Grey as Associate Justice William J. Brennan
Ron Field as Associate Justice Byron White
Bob Cohen as Associate Justice John Marshall Harlan II
Kirk Lambert as Associate Justice Potter Stewart
Stage Manager: Shannon Starcher

Forgiveness by Albi Gorn
Directed by Albi Gorn

A man seeks out his wife's forgiveness for the terrible thing he did to her.

Maggie Kramer as Myrna
Albi Gorn as Herman

The Light & Dark of Matter by Felicia Sabartinelli
Directed by Felicia Sabartinelli

Prison inmate William Tabni and his new social worker Ms. Justice Marks have no idea the impact they will make on one another during their first visit.

Scott Pollak as William Tabni
Felicia Sabartinelli as Justice Marks


The Cousin's Book Club by Patricia Motto
Directed by Frank DelGiudice

Five female cousins face the issues of aging with wit, wisdom, and a little too much wine.

April Arnold as Sandra
Karen Bronson as Margo
Jen Chada as Elizabeth
Lisa DelGiudice as Barbara
Beth Quigley as Mary Alice
Technical Director: Rick Arnold

If Women Played Cards As Men Do by James H. Wise
Directed by John Cusumano

Sally isn't exactly the neatest person as her friends remind her. They still come over for the weekly card game, stale snacks, and lousy beer.

Maureen Rogers as Sally
Marge McGugan as Rachel
Jen Sizer as Tina
Catherine Homes as Jennifer
Nik Henle as Tony
Producer: Maureen C. Rogers

A Family Affair by Albi Gorn
Directed by Albi Gorn

A woman brings her fiancée home to meet her parents and past relationships coming galloping out of the closet.

Becca Quinn as Clair
Maggie Kramer as Nell
Albi Gorn as Russel
Michael Lichtstein as Jon

Midnight Things by Trish Cole
Directed by Mallory Green

It's midnight. Victoria is in bed. James is on the couch. Through interior dialogue, they each reveal why their marriage might possibly be past the brink of ruin.

Valarie Green as Victoria
Greg Rumpf as James
Stage Manager: Gloria Ranta

Prayer by Sean Patrick Nill
Directed by Steve Fogle

In a time of generational drifts, four millennials must attempt to connect with an institution they find dated.

Emma Ansell as Ruthie
Cameron Bradford as James
Andrew Geier as Abraham
Jessany Fogle as Ulysses


The State of the Nation by Cayla Clark
Directed by Cayla Clark

Lynn has come to believe that her life is utterly purposeless. Can a strange man she meets in the lobby of her therapist's office change her mind...and her fate?

Trevor Dow as Jack
Maggie Rose as Lynn
Rick Thompson as Dr. Walker

The Beauty of Natural Love by Rick Thompson
Directed by Rick Thompson

Actress Taylor Haladay wants to break out of comedy roles. Her agent finds a play by an unknown author that will make her an "A-list" star, but it calls for her to "blaze new frontiers" in serious drama with an unprecedented scene.

Alex LaClair as Sam Dale
Kate Harrison as Taylor Haladay
J.B. McCright as Michael Phillips
Ashley Vernier as Barbara Carson
Stage Manager: Cara Brzozowski

Say My Name by Dominique C. Butler
Directed by Dominique C. Butler

Canon and wife Agnus struggle to keep their marriage alive, but after Canon overhears Agnes saying erotic things to a man in her dreams, he becomes suspicious of her whereabouts.

Chayla Simpson as Agnus
Quincy Vicks as Canon
Stage Manager: Kayla McDaniel
Assistant Stage Manager: Corey Foote
Assistant Stage Manager: Vanessa Willis
Lighting Designer: TC Caldwell​

The Mask of Life by Dominique C. Butler
Directed by Dominique C. Butler

A young girl befriends a homeless man after walking home from school.

Jasmine Sterling as Angel
Grant Chism as Angus
Abbeni as Dixon
Noa Gelb as Angel's Mother
Stage Manager: Kayla McDaniel
Assistant Stage Manager: Corey Foote
Assistant Stage Manager: Vanessa Willis
Lighting Designer: TC Caldwell​


9:00 am
The Light & Dark of Matter
The State of the Nation 

1:00 pm
Midnight Things
The Mask of Life
Kearon & Kyle

4:00 pm
Say My Name
A Family Affair
Katz v. United States
If Women Played Cards As Men Do

8:00 pm
The Cousins' Book Club 
The Beauty of Natural Love

Most plays are not appropriate for young children


Irises by Lois Stephenson
Directed by Lois Stephenson

Internal conflicts of self-worth cloud the decision-making ability of a young man struggling with learning disabilities and a dysfunctional family.

Sean McKean as Danny
Sherry Santana as Mrs. James
Michael Sokoloff as Mr. James
Robert Rausch as Vice Principle
Noah Busby as TJ
Kaitlyn Sokoloff as Roselyn
Ellynne Brice-Davis as Mrs. Singer
Stage Manager: Lewis Beckley
Carpenter/Sound: Michael Smith

​​​​​~ 2018 ~​

Outstanding Script: Forgiveness
Runner-Up: Prayer

Outstanding Production: Say My Name
Runner-Up: The Cousins' Book Club

Outstanding Direction: Frank Del Giudice (The Cousin’s Book Club)
Runner-Up: Dominique C. Butler (Say My Name)

Outstanding Ensemble: The Cousins’ Book Club
Runner-Up: A Family Affair

Audience Choice: A Family Affair
Runner-Up: The Light & Dark of Matter

Outstanding Performances:
Homegrown Award: Emily Ansell (Prayer)
Max Berry (Smoking)
Trevor Dow (The State of the Nation)
Albi Gorn (A Family Affair)
James McDaniel 5th (Katz v. United States)
Scott Pollak (The Light & Dark of Matter)
Maggie Rose (The State of the Nation)
Quincy Vicks (Say My Name)

Tech Wreck: Katz v. United States


(In performance order)

The Cousins’ Book Club
Say My Name
The Light & Dark of Matter
​​Family Affair
Prayer (Wild Card Finalist)

Smoking by Max Berry
Directed by Lee Socha 

As Wesley and his mother, Maureen, begin a late night debate about Wesley's smoking habits, Maureen reveals a habit of her own much to Wesley's horror...

Max Berry as Wesley
Nolie Wagner as Maureen
​Stage Manager: Casey Smith
Costumer: Emma Glick